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Why don't we leave it to chance?


Come and discover this pretty little town of character on the banks of the river Oust.


Moncontour, this is Glaz's favorite place in Vienne ! A sublime small village surrounded by swamps, bordered by dozens of old wash-house, all more charming than each other and surmounted by a dungeon.


From the Middle Ages to the Second World War, from a rare astronomical clock to fields of hydrangeas, walk through the town of Ploërmel and end up with your feet in the water of Lac au Duc, on the edge of Brocéliande! Meet up in front of the statue of the lion on the square...

Le domaine de Careil

A stopover for migratory birds, a place of eco-pastoralism, a haven of greenery, ... the Domaine de Careil is all of these things at once! Discover a little corner of paradise for the fauna and flora in Brocéliande. This peaceful area is open to the public...

L’église de Tréhorenteuc

The smallest church in Morbihan and certainly the most atypical, the church of Saint-Eutrope in Tréhorenteuc is certainly worth a look.           Totally renovated by the will of a man, the abbot Gillard, it cleverly mixes faith...

Le prieuré Saint-Étienne

Come and discover the oldest chapel in Morbihan.

Follow the wolf is a space dedicated to the discovery of heritage place and culture.

I thought of it to help people like me who want to know a little more about a place or go on an adventure.

Enjoy your visit!


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